Work Plan

Seven Work Packages (WP) have been designed in MARINERG-i_PP to meet the project objectives.  

Led by UCC, this WP will ensure the effective implementation, administrative function and delivery of the project.

Led by UCC, this WP aims to:

  • Compile baseline information required by the project through an infrastructures profiling activity.
  • Define service requirements; Service Groups (SG); and a common access policy.
  • Detail and demonstration the implementation of core services through actual and simulated activities.

WP2 will consolidate outputs from all WPs and prepare the MARINERG-i implementation strategy.

Led by DMEC, this WP will provide the in-depth market, cost and revenue model analysis needed to fully validate and expand the draft financial framework and business model developed at DRI concept stage.

Led by MARIS, this WP will advance development of the MARINERG-i e-infrastructure. Key objectives are:

  • Defining data protocols and management plans for the DRI.
  • Producing a full technical design and architecture for the MARINERG-i e-infrastructure.
  • Developing e-infrastructure services to facilitate project requirements.
  • Create a blue-print for e-infrastructure roll-out.

Led by UGent and IFREMER, this WP aims:

  • To update & extend the science plan, elaborating on the strategy to encompass thematic teams based on “smart specialisation” and defining a joint/collaborative research programme.
  • To develop a capacity building and infrastructure development plan.
  • To identify relevant and adapted quality control procedures and standards and develop an implementation strategy for their application.
  • To identify KPIs for the assessment and management of technical impact.

Led by the University of Strathclyde, this WP will:

  • Finalise and establish the governance structure and operational procedures.
  • Define the DRI’s human resources policy and plan for staffing and recruitment.
  • Negotiate the required agreements among member states and participant facilities, preparing the documentation to establish the governance structure and for an application to be recognised as an ERIC.

Led by PLOCAN and OEE, this WP will create awareness and a broad, international recognition of the MARINERG-i DRI, disseminating and communicating information in an effective mode, based on updated definitions of the existing value proposition, vision and mission, as well as the functions and services. It will engage with stakeholders, promoting the added-value and services; make links with other relevant initiatives, projects and actions, and encourage participation in the DRI. The WP will also assess the wider socio-economic impacts, engaging with local stakeholders to promote public understanding and acceptance of ORE.