Vision and Mission

MARINERG-i_PP will produce the scientific, business and implementation plan for an integrated European Research Infrastructure, designed to facilitate the future growth and development of the Offshore Renewable Energy sector. It is a key step in forming an independent legal entity of distributed testing infrastructures, united to create an integrated centre for delivering Offshore Renewable Energy. By consolidating expertise, investment and access to infrastructures, the MARINERG-i Research Infrastructure will foster innovation across a variety of Offshore Renewable Energy technologies and stages of development. As the only integrated Offshore Renewable Energy platform of this scale worldwide, it will be the epicentre of this developing industry.

The mission:

  • Technical de-risking and increasing investor confidence through the development and implementation of best practices; quality metrics; standards.
  • Leverage existing local knowledge and capabilities to accelerate the development of the Offshore Renewable Energy industry.
  • Informing national and EU policy and investment strategies to capitalise on leadership in the Offshore Renewable Energy sector.