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MARINERG-i – survey for potential stakeholders

The future MARINERG-i distributed Research Infrastructure will be user oriented, offering a suite of technical R&D services matched to the requirements of end-users in the ORE industry. We have prepared a survey to identify...


MARINERG-i General Assembly

The first interim project meeting took place in the Hague 22-23rd March 2018. Partners provided updates on progress and participated in vital discussions on the draft design & science plans; the legal framework; the financial and...



Partners have joined together to complete the studies required to determine a comprehensive vision and model for this pan-European Research Infrastructure for Offshore Renewable Energy.


Vision & Mission

MARINERG-i will produce a scientific and business plan for an integrated European Research Infrastructure, designed to facilitate the future growth and development of the Offshore Renewable Energy sector. This plan will ensure that the MARINERG-i Research Infrastructure model attains the criteria necessary for being successful in an application to European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures (ESFRI) roadmap in 2020.

MARINERG-i is a first step in forming an independent legal entity of distributed testing infrastructures, united to create an integrated centre for delivering Offshore Renewable Energy. By consolidating expertise, investment and access to infrastructures, the MARINERG-i Research Infrastructure will foster innovation across a variety of technologies and stages of development. As the only integrated Offshore Renewable Energy platform of this scale worldwide, it will be the epicentre of this developing industry.


  • Our vision is to ensure that MARINERG-i will accelerate the research, development and deployment of offshore wind, wave, tidal and combined energy technologies and maintain Europe as a global leader in this industry.

    (Project coordinator Jimmy Murphy, MaREI Centre, University College Cork)